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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

It starts here...

Using any mobile device, you can remotely activate your thermostat, lights, security system, sprinklers and so much more.

Installation is easy and saving money on energy and utility bills is practically guaranteed. Start with the basic package and add more features whenever you like.

What else can a Cortexa system do for you? Look around...

Control anything...

  • thermostats
  • lighting
  • A/V entertainment
  • shades & curtains
  • security
  • video cameras
  • ceiling fans
  • irrigation systems
  • garage doors and gates
  • water leak detection
  • window and door sensors

make it look like you are home when you're not

turn the iron off (whoops) from the restaurant

turn off vampire electronics at night

have an email sent to you and your plumber when a leak is detected

heat/cool your home from work

turn the A/C off when a window is left open

get an email with who unarmed the security

see if the kids' lights are still on from your bedroom

view front door cameras when the doorbell rings

did you close the garage when you left?

know when the kids get home from school

modify lawn sprinklers based on weather forecasts

below 60 degrees in the morning? your bathroom heater turns on


Remotely control the temperature throughout your home.

Cool your house on your way home from work, schedule temperature changes for specific days, and save energy while on vacation.

Temperature outside dropped? Turn the heat up for the dog while anywhere.

Our favorite: Movie Time!

Dim the lights, turn on the tv/dvd and close the shades. Heck, the same click of a button can even text the kids to tell them the movie is starting.

security cameras

Cortexa provides remote viewing and management of security cameras inside or outside the home.

Program cameras to automatically recordings can be emailed automatically and viewed from your smarthome. Recordings are also backed up to the cloud on


Control every light in your home through a single device, even while you are away. Easily program certain lights to turn on or off during specific times, for a warm welcome at the end of the day, or when you're on vacation.

Control your sprinklers based on current or future weather conditions. Rain tomorrow? Don't water today.

Forget to close your garage door? Automatically receive email or text notification and close it or open it from anywhere

...End with with your peace of mind through a safer, more convenient and cost effective way of life. Once you experience the Cortexa lifestyle, you'll forget that you lived any other way.