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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

HAR "Home Automation Ready"

 HAR stands for Home Automation Ready. It is a designation that the product works with the Cortexa platform. THE HAR logo is also seen with the words COMPATIBLE directly below the logo.

Devices that come with the logo have been tested to work with the Cortexa Automation Controller. Cortexa partners can include the HAR logo to inform their customers that the product will work with the Cortexa platform.

With Cortexa’s ability to generate drivers for multiple technologies and products, a simple easy to identify trademarked logo was needed. The log allows installers and end users to easily pick up compatible devices..

While all devices that the Cortexa works with, might not have the logo on the box or device, those with the logo have been tested in Cortexa’s Lab for full functionality. Other devices that Cortexa is compatible with can be found on our compatible subsystem 

HAR and the HAR logo are a regsitered trademark of Cortexa Automation.