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Affordable, Easy to use, Easy to setup Home Automation and Control

Why is it imortant to be compatible with so many technologies?

There are several home automation technologies that utilize different standards and thusly don't talk to one another. This is unlike Wi-Fi networking, where all Wi-Fi-enabled devices speak the same language. Cortexa solves this problem by adding the abilty to mix and match various technologies. Home owners are no longer held back by the contraints of the first technolgy they choose.

The Compatible Subsystems below are all of the devices and drivers that are compatible with the new Cortexa EZ-1. Some of these drivers may not work with the older Cortexa systems. Other compatible subsystems will only work with the new system once those new drivers have been written and implemented. As we continue to add new drivers this list will be updated.

Note: Due to the continual updating and enhancements of subsystems by their manufacturers, please contact Cortexa's customer support center to verify specific functionality and capabilities supported by Cortexa for the approved subsystems listed below.

Model: Cortexa EZ-1

The EZ-1 is only compatible with the following subsystems. The EZ-1 comes with 1 serial port and 2 USB ports for communicating with subsystems. Some subsystems can also be communicated with via IP.


Centralite - Elegance

UPB Lighting

Lutron RadioRA2




Aprilaire Thermostats (8700 & 8870)

Z-Wave Enabled Thermostats

INSTEON Thermostats

3M Wifi Thermostats

HAI Thermostats

Video Surveillance

Most D-Link IP Cameras

Most Panasonic IP Cameras

Everfocus ECOR Series DVRs

Most generic IP CamerasIrrigation

WGL - Rain 8 Net

Shade Control

Somfy (URTSI and URTSI II)


HAI Omni (Pro, IIe & LT)

DSC Power Series

GE Concord

Napco Gemini (GEM3200, GEM9600)

ELK M1 (Gold & EZ8)

*Honeywell Vista

*Z-wave door locks

* Coming Soon

Each Cortexa controller unit requires a subscription to the myCortexa service. For a list of all the features you get with the myCortexa website and subscription prices click here.